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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL



Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 1

Technische Dokumentation Technical documentation Comfort-Großraum-Lüftungsgerät Comfort large area ventilation units CGL

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 3

Specification / Dimensions Specification (Free air intake / free outlet) CGL Air volume 500 m³/h 600 m³/h 800 m³/h 100 W 150 W 255 W Electrical power consumption Connected voltage 230 V (50/60 Hz) Sound pressure level 1 m from the unit 37 dB(A) 40 dB(A) Height incl. feet and connecting collar 1017 mm Depth 508 mm Weight 250 kg Front view Side view 170 ETA 2137 1932 35 SUP EHA ODA 1017 508 Plan view 205 205 287 607 222 Dimensions 2137 mm Width 45 dB(A) 508,5 Connections for: - Supply air - Exhaust air - Outdoor air Ø 250 mm 508,5 3

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 5

Performance diagrams (blue corresponds to the recommended range) Supply air SFPv1 Spec. fan power* [Ws/m³] Sound power level LWA* [dB(A)] SFPv2 Component performance diagrams Supply air Extract air Flow rate [m³/h] Filter pressure drop [Pa] Silencer pressure drop [Pa] Flow rate [m³/h] Extract air Filter F7 Silencer supply air Filter F5 Flow rate [m³/h] Silencer exhaust air Flow rate [m³/h] * with free air intake and outlet SUPPLY / EXTRACT AIR fan diagram Operating points for the supply / extract fan Static pressure increase for the free-blowing fan ∆p fa [Pa] n [1/min] P [W] I [A] LWA...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 6

Unit design Supply air Exhaust Outdoor (SUP) air (EHA) air (ODA) Supply air sensor Connection option 230 V on-site flaps/open-close Filter pre-drying unit (accessory) Exhaust air silencer Supply air silencer Outdoor air sensor Supply air filter F7 Extract air fan Bypass damper with variable servomotor Supply air fan Electric control panel with repair switch Extract air sensor CO2 sensor (accessory) BML programming unit (accessory) Condensate pump (accessory) Countercurrent heat exchanger (HR) Booster heater bank (accessory) Condensate pan Extract air filter F5 Air intake protective grille...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 7

Component description Casing - Compact, inherently stable, height-adjustable casing. Casing frame powder-coated RAL 9006 silver - Duplex design of the casing made from powder-coated sheet steel, commercial white RAL 9016, with 50 mm thick thermal insulation sandwiched in between. - Optimum sound and thermal insulation provided by mineral wool, material class A1 (non-combustible) acc. to DIN 4102. Inspection doors spanning the entire operating height of the unit provide optimum access to the mounting parts. Motor fan unit for supply and extract air Highly-efficient, single sided inlet,...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 8

Accessories BML programming module (always required) Up to 7 CGL ventilation units can be controlled using a single BML. (Switching times, temperatures, speed, etc. are adjustable separately for each unit.) Wall mounting base for programming module Condensate pump including float switch and alarm contact CO2-sensor required for CO2 dependent operation ISM 5 - LON-interface module to connect ventilation modules LM1 and LM2 to a building management system applying LON-standard network variables 8

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 9

Accessories Filter pre-drying unit 1000W recommended for an optimized unit operation, plug-in electric heater including overheat safety cutout (STB) and temperature monitoring (TW) with bracket, to protect the outdoor air filter from moisture penetration and to project heat recovery from frost Electric reheater 1000W, modulating, to rise the discharge temperature in case of low outside temperatures, suitable for progressive re-heating of the supply air temperature, plug-in electric heater including overheat safety cutout (STB) and temperature monitoring (TW) with bracket Tubular end damper...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 10

Intake / discharge accessories Intake silencer to attenuate the noise by about 5dB with adjustable feet. Reduction of the total sound level 1m in front of the CGL by up to 3dB. Intake: left / right hand side, back Intake plenum universal with adjustable feet, Intake: left / right hand side, back Ø 250mm, left / right hand side 205 x 408mm, back 205 x 915mm Discharge plenum vertical with tubular dampers with sound attenuating casing, discharge louvre horizontally and vertically adjustable; tubular damper connection Ø 250mm with actuators 230V open/closed 5Nm. Discharge plenum vertical with...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 11

Design information Ambient air quality The ambient air quality or quality of the indoor air is determined using the following three factors (see also DIN EN 15251 or DIN EN 13779): - Emissions from individuals and their activities Carbon dioxide emissions from human respiration, biological vapours, smoking, personal care products, etc. - Ambient emissions Vapours from furniture, carpets, paints, adhesives, etc. - Outdoor air conditions Rural areas, urban areas, dust, fine dust, pollen, etc. Design criteria Description of the applications of the different categories Acc. to DIN EN 15251...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 12

Design information Interior CO2 level acc. to DIN EN 15251 or DIN EN 13779 Category The following table from DIN EN 13779 indicates the recommended minimum values per person for the outdoor air streams. The design air flow rate also takes into account the emissions from other sources such as materials and furniture. Unit Outdoor air flow rate Non smoking area Normal area Smoking area Standard value Normal area Standard value 1 l/s/person m³/h/person > 15 > 54 20 72 > 30 > 108 40 144 2 l/s/person m³/h/person 10 – 15 36 - 54 12,5 45 20 – 30 72 - 108 25 90 3 l/s/person m³/h/person 6 – 10 21,6...

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Großraumlüftungsgerät CGL - 13

Design information Comparison with intermittent ventilation: Window open CO2 (ppm) Target corridor 1000-1200 ppm Window closed Time (h) Conventional intermittent ventilation Wolf comfort large area ventilation unit Interior sound level criteria acc. to DIN EN 15251 or DIN EN 13779 Type of building/room Sound pressure recommended range (dBA) Open-plan office 35 – 45 Conference room 30 – 40 Classroom, kindergarten 35 – 45 Cafeterias / restaurants 35 – 50 Retail outlets 35 – 50 Minimum clearance between outdoor air inlet and exhaust air opening to prevent an air short circuit (DIN EN 13779)...

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