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Increase external insulation Ihren Haus effizienter dämmen RD values 3 RD-Werten The complete package Renovation 6 Sanierung New construction 8 Neubau Placement 10 Platzierung Nelissen collection Insulation values explained 16 Dämmung: Fachbegriffe und Erklärung

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Durable and energy efficient building or renovating with ISO•Façade ISO•Façade is a complete system for both new buildings and renovation projects, by which you insulate your façade and give it a total new look in one single process. The ISO•Façade system is a purpose designed system to provide increased insulation properties to the building, whilst retaining the appearance of traditional brickwork. The tongue and groove insulation panels ensure no cold bridging at joints and are manufactured with brick slip guides on the face, for easy application of the Nelissen brick slips. ISO•Façade is...

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ISO•Façade: The easy way to increase external insulation! Whether you opt for a newly built house or a renovation, with the ISO•Façade of Nelissen Brickworks you can tackle it all. This package’s big advantage is that you can adjust it to every architectural wish, as a result of which you cannot distinguish it from traditional brickwork. The package includes insulation, brick slips, glue, threaded plugs and if desired quality mortar from Seifert. You can choose from the complete range of Nelissen Brickworks façade bricks and you can even choose a traditional look with joint or a glued...

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Rd VALUES RD-Werten Thickness insulation boards Dicke Dämmplatten Heating Heizung Façade Fassade Window Fenster Basement Keller

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INSULATION BOARDS The insulation consists of XPS (extruded poly-styrene) which is highly water resistant, and can therefore be installed at or below ground level. This cannot be done with PuR, PIR or EPS. The insulation boards are available in a range of thicknesses from 20 to 200 mm. All are tongue and groove jointed with pre moulded joint profiles for 50 or 65 mm facing brick slips. Lambda values are 0,035 or 0,027 W/mK. screw plugs Eta certified screw plugs are supplied, suitable for the thickness of insulation, and come complete with thermal caps to avoid thermal bridging. ADHESIVE...

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BRICK SLIPS You can choose from the full range of Nelissen brick slips and corners. The brick slips are cut out of a full brick to preserve the quality from the traditional brick. JOINT MORTAR If you choose a traditional look with joint, the joint mortar comes with the ISO-Fagade package. This joint mortar, offered by Seifert, is water resistant, colorfast and available in every shade. ALUMINIUM START PROFILE This aluminum start profile with drip edge is not sup-plied as standard, but can be added to the order, if required. The start profile fa-cilitates commencing on flat based surfaces,...

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renovatiON Sanierung ISO•Façade is perfectly suited for renovations. Since ISO•Façade is not a prefabricated product, any detail (e.g. arches over doors, coverings...) can be incorporated into the processing of the product. Even if your house is a jumble of different building materials, you can still use ISO•Façade. In advance clear agreements should be made and together with our specialist it has to be checked to which kind of surface the ISO•Façade will be applied. Be inspired by our many successful realisations achieved with the ISO•Façade system on www.iso-f

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ISO•Façade eignet sich hervorragend für Sanierungen. Da es sich bei ISO•Façade nicht um ein Fertigprodukt handelt, kann jedes Detail (z.B. Bögen, dächer...) bei der Verarbeitung berücksichtigt werden. Sie können sich selbst dann auf ISO•Façade verlassen, wenn in Ihrem Heim unterschiedliche Baumaterialien verwendet wurden. Vor Beginn der Arbeiten müssen Sie sich mit unseren Experten beraten und festlegen, auf welche Oberfläche ISO•Façade aufgetragen wird. Lassen Sie sich auch begeistern mit vielen netten Realisierungen mit die ISO•Façade system zur ww

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You can also apply the ISO•Façade in newly built houses thanks to its versatility. If we take the wall thickness as an example, you can obtain thinner exterior walls thanks to the application of the ISO•Façade. This is because the brick slips only have a thickness of 2 cm and because a cavity is not necessary. This results in extra interior space or extra space to insulate. Another advantage is that you don´t need any foundation untill the outer side of the wall. This way you can save on your budget. The ISO•Façade system is even extremely appropriate for timber frame- or container frame...

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Wegen der vielen Möglichkeiten können Sie die ISO•Façade für neue Gebäude anwenden. Wenn wir zum Beispiel die Dicke einer Wand nehmen, können Sie dank der Anwendung der ISO•Façade, dünne Außenwände erhalten. Das liegt daran, dass die Ziegelstreifen nur 2 cm dick sind, da ein Hohlraum nicht notwendig ist. Das ergibt einen extra Innenraum oder einen extra Isolierbereich. Ein anderer Vorzug ist, dass Sie kein Fundament bis zur anderen Seite der Wand benötigen. Sie können ein wenig von Ihrem Budget sparen. Das ISO•Façade System ist sogar angemessen für einen Holzrahmen-, oder eine...

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ISO•Façade is an all-in-one system, that can both be placed by yourself or an expert. Are you deft and not afraid to roll your sleeves up? Then place ISO•Façade yourself. A couple of easy steps help you from start to finish to create your dream home. You can expect an on-site visit during which your project will be examined from A to Z. Of course you can also contact us with your practical questions during every phase of the project, through email or also by telephone +32 12 44 02 44.

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