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Wood and Multi-fuel stoves | Holzöfen 2019/2020

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Ever since the company’s inception in 1981 the name ‘Dik Geurts’ has embodied exclusive design; extraordinary stoves for people who value beautiful design and fantastic workmanship. Moreover our models stand out in their ease of use. In recent years Dik Geurts has invested much in improving the combustion process in order for our stoves to provide extremely clean burning and a very favourable output. This not only benefits the environment but saves you fuel costs. We have a wide range of models on offer, both free-standing and built-in, in addition to which Dik Geurts provides custom made...

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Prostyle and Vision inserts and built-in fires In the Prostyle series, the fires have screen-printed glass, with the black printed border creating a subtle effect. All models are available with various frames. For front fires with ventilating fans, see page 36. Prostyle und Vision Kaminkassetten und Einbaukamine In der Prostyle-Reihe haben die Kamine Siebdruckscheiben. Der schwarz bedruckte Rand sorgt für eine modische Ausstrahlung. Alle Modelle sind mit diversen Rahmen lieferbar. Frontkamine mit Ventilator siehe Seite 36. Connection options and accessories Various options exist to connect...

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Design, warmth and craftsmanship Dik Geurts has rightly earned a name for itself within the wood burning industry. Quality and ease of use, to name but a few, are also pivotal alongside its characteristic designs. Our extensive product range means we have a suitable unit for practically any living space. High efficiency and low emissions help contribute to a better environment. Showrooms and dealers Dik Geurts has numerous retailers throughout Europe. These dealers are regularly trained and can make you a complete offer, including expert installation. Let one of our Dik Geurts dealers...

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Burning wood and the environment Heizen mit Holz und Umwelt(schutz) Carbon neutral When you burn wood you are in principle, being carbon neutral. As a tree grows it takes CO2 from the atmosphere. When the tree is cut down and burned this CO2 is released. As intake and emission balance each other out, carbon neutrality occurs. It makes no diffe-rence whether the tree is rotting on the ground or is being burned. In both cases the CO2 that's been stored is released. It is vital that sustainably sourced wood is used, i.e., that for each tree cut down a new one is planted. This maintains the...

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Which stove to choose? Für welchen Kamin entscheide ich mich? A size to fit all It is important that you purchase a fire or stove that is in proportion to the size of your living space. A fire or stove that’s too small won’t provide sufficient warmth, and a model that’s too large will do the opposite. Putting less wood in it isn’t really an option, as the fire won’t burn adequately, resulting in lower efficiency and higher emissions. Be sure, therefore, that you purchase a fire or stove that provides you with good output and low emissions. In this respect, Dik Geurts fires and stoves...

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Wood stove techniques Holzofen-Technik Wood stove techniques Instyle 550EA insert convection fire / Instyle 550EA Kaminkassette mit Konvektion A Dik Geurts wood appliance isn’t merely a recepticle in which to burn wood. Rather, it’s a well thought out piece of equipment that ensures the wood is burned as efficiently and cleanly as possible. So how do we achieve that? Ein Dik Geurts-Holzofen ist nicht einfach eine Kiste, in der man Holz verbrennen kann. Nein, es handelt sich dabei um ein gut durchdachtes Gerät, das dafür sorgt, dass das Holz so effizient und so sauber wie möglich verbrannt...

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Aste 5 LowEA/RS What is striking about the AsteEA/RS is its classic look, realised by the beautifully designed legs and robust cast iron door. The centre of the flue pipe is located only 10 cm from the rear side. The result is that this wood burner can be easily placed inside an existing fireplace. A heat shield is also available for this stove, allowing you to place it closer to a flammable wall. Charakteristisch ist die klassische Ausstrahlung, die das Modell durch die geschwungenen breiten Füße und die robuste gusseiserne Tür erhält. Mit nur 10 cm Abstand zur Aufstellrückwand kann dieser...

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Ivar 5 LowEA/RS/HighEA/RS The Ivar 5 is available in wood or multi-fuel models, that can burn coke or coal. These woodburners are ideal for both new-build and installation in existing locations, e.g. under a chimney. The Ivar 5 has a cast iron door that can be easily opened using the removable handle. Ob als neugeplante Anlage oder als Austauschgerät für bestehende Anlagen, für beide Varianten eignet sich der Kaminofen Ivar 5 optimal. Der Kaminofen ist mit einer geradlinigen gusseisernen Tür ausgestattet, die mit einem abnehmbaren Handgriff problemlos geöffnet werden kann. • Upper and rear...

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Ivar 5 StoreEA/RS This free-standing wood burner is equipped with a cast-iron door with a detachable handle. The extra space under the burner can be used to store logs. The flue can be connected either on the top or the back. Dieser freistehende Holz-Kaminofen ist mit einer gusseisernen Tür mit abnehmbarem Handgriff ausgestattet. Der zusätzliche Platz unter dem Ofen kann als Holzlager genutzt werden. Der Kaminofen kann sowohl über die Ober- als auch über die Rückseite an den Schornstein angeschlossen werden. • Upper and rear chimney connection / Schornsteinanschluß oben und hinten • EA/RS...

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Ivar 8 LowEA/RS This wood burner is an ideal height for placement under an existing mantle. With an optional heat shield, the wood burner can be placed closer (to 20 cm) to the wall (of combustible material). The ‘cold’ handle is detachable. Dieser Holz-Kaminofen hat eine ideale Höhe für die Aufstellung in einem bestehenden Wandkamin. Mit einem optionalen Schutzplatte wird der Wandabstand (Wand aus brennbarem Material) auf 20 cm reduziert. Der Handgriff ist abnehmbar. • Upper and rear chimney connection / Schornsteinanschluß oben und hinten • EA/RS (see pg. 41) / EA/RS (siehe S. 41) •...

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