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STREAM INFOSHEET The name says it all: a streamlined design. Stream is a modular system whereby a number of set-ups and combinations are possible. This makes Stream wholly adjustable to your own taste in your interior. The stitching along the seat and backrest accentuate Stream's dynamic lines. Even an integrated coffee table has been thought of, which optionally serves as storage space. NL De naam zegt het al: een gestroomlijnd ontwerp. Stream is een modulair systeem waarmee tal van opstellingen en combinaties mogelijk zijn. Hierdoor is Stream geheel naar eigen smaak aan uw interieur aan...

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STREAM Dimensions width, height, depth (in cm) STREAM INFOSHEET 3 -SEATE R , 1 S E AT C U S H ION + 2 SEAT SUSHION STREAM INFOSHEET

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STREAM WALL Dimensions width, height, depth (in cm) STREAM INFOSHEET STREAM INFOSHEET

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This modular system is built from various seating elements with and without arm and backrests in several standard heights. Dit modulaire systeem wordt opgebouwd uit diverse zitelementen met en zonder arm- en rugleuningen in meerdere standaardhoogtes. Dieses modulare System besteht aus diversen Sitzelementen mit und ohne Arm- und Rückenlehne in mehreren Standardhöhen. Ce système modulaire est constitué de différents éléments d’assise avec et sans accoudoirs et dossiers, déclinés en plusieurs hauteurs standard. Solid wooden seat element with steel no-sag suspension, equipped with high-quality...

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GENERAL INFO STREAM INFOSHEET CASALA CERTIFICATION Casala continually strives to reduce the environmental impact in the development of our products. During development, care is taken to make responsible use of raw materials and production techniques. For many years Casala has been working with dedicated suppliers and producers conformed to the ISO14001 standard. This standard is used worldwide to start and assess environmentalmanagement systems. In order to ensure wood and paper products originate from responsibly managed forest. Thanks to the established quality requirements and control of...

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