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NOA DESIGN LINKED TO FUNCTIONALITY Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. "Design linked to Functionality" is deeply rooted within the DNA of our organisation and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. A hundred years of experience in the furniture industry guarantees that Casala furniture also offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to high quality. The design of a room can affect the mood of a visitor. It is important that the room exudes a...

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COMFORTABLE MULTITASKER Noa’s design is not just beautiful but also highly functional. Ergonomics has always been an important starting point for the design. Noa is timeless, compact and elegant, and can therefore be integrated into different spaces and events. The wireframe base has a slimline appearance. Noa is certainly a good choice for extended periods of sitting. CASALA NOA Het design van Noa is niet alleen mooi, maar ook uitermate functioneel. Ergonomie was immers een belangrijk uitgangspunt bij het ontwerp. Noa is tijdloos, compact en sierlijk, dus in te zetten bij verschillende...

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LET’S STACK & LINK The Noa chair can be stacked up to 30 pieces high on a transport dolly. The chair has a stacking bumper on the underside. Upright and stable stacking, without damage, is guaranteed. There are many clever transport and storage possibilities. The user-friendly linking device ensures fast and simple setup of the right configuration. CASALA NOA De Noa stoel kan tot 30 stuks gestapeld worden op een transportwagen. Noa is aan de onderzijde voorzien van stapelbescherming. Recht en stabiel stapelen zonder beschadiging is hierdoor gegarandeerd. Er zijn diverse slimme transport- en...

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Police academy Apeldoorn - NL

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ABOVE GROUND LEVEL The Noa barstool gives a stylish and contemporary appearance to any space. The backrest is available in two different heights, which means it is highly adaptable for different interiors. It is certainly possible to furnish different spaces with the same appearance, using a combination of different models from the Noa family. Gent University hospital - BE De Noa barkruk geeft iedere ruimte een stijlvol, eigentijds voorkomen. De rugleuning is in twee verschillende hoogtes verkrijgbaar. Voor uiteenlopende interieurs is altijd een optimale afstemming mogelijk. Zeker in...

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MATERIALS & OPTIONS COLOURFUL & FUNCTIONAL The Noa shell can be supplied in 9 melamine colours as standard, as well as in a beechwood version. Optionally the shell can be stained in different colours. As a standard, the armrests come with a soft grip finishing for extra comfort. A large collection of fabrics are available, which allows Noa to furnish virtually every interior with a modern look. CASALA NOA De schaal van Noa is standaard leverbaar in 9 melamine kleuren en in een volledig beuken uitvoering. Optioneel kan de schaal gebeitst worden in uiteenlopende kleuren. De armleggers worden...

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White M1 Antracite M2 Black M3 Lemon M4 Orange M5 Red M6 Iron M7 Birch M8 Wenge M9 Traffic white SG16 Light grey SG11 Aluminium Grey SG12 Tenor grey SG17 Traffic grey SG20 6 Black SG15 7 Mat Chrome 8 Chrome 1 2 3 4 5

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shell CPL, with armrests shell CPL, padded seat shell CPL, padded seat, with armrests shell CPL, padded upholstery shell CPL, padded upholstery, with armrests shell natural beech shell CPL, with armrests shell CPL, padded seat shell CPL, padded seat, with armrests shell CPL, padded upholstery shell CPL, padded upholstery, with armrests shell natural beech shell natural beech, padded seat shell natural beech, padded seat, with armrests shell natural beech, padded upholstery shell natural beech, padded upholstery, with armrests shell natural beech, padded seat shell natural beech, padded...

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shell CPL, padded seat shell CPL, padded seat shell CPL, padded upholstery shell natural beech shell natural beech, padded seat shell natural beech, padded seat shell natural beech, padded upholstery fully upholstered shell natural beech The colours in this publication may differ to the original product. We recommend requesting a product sample. Sample service and further information:

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Casala Meubelen Nederland bv Rolweg 10 4104 AV Culemborg The Netherlands +31 (0)345 51 73 88 Casala Objektmöbel GmbH Magirusstraße 16 31867 Lauenau Germany +49 (0)5043 71 0 Casala Ltd 2 Sycamore Street Clerkenwell, EC1Y 0SF London United Kingdom +44 (0)20 3958 0058 Casala S.ä.r.l. 54 rue du 19 Janvier 92380 Garches France +33 (0)1 47 10 02 22

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