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JENS KORTE DESIGN LINKED TO FUNCTIONALITY CASALA LACROSSE Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. "Design linked to Functionality" is deeply rooted within our DNA and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. A hundred years of experience in furniture guarantees that Casala furniture offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to high quality. After studying Industrial Design at the Art School in Hamburg, Jens Korte (1957) worked for several design...

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CASALA LACROSSE Lacrosse is a dynamic folding table, ideal for rooms requiring flexible furnishing configurations. The perfect solution for conference halls, meeting venues, classrooms as well at home, in restaurants and canteens. Lacrosse combines functionality with stability. Firm and solid in use, quick and safe to fold up. With a distinctive design which translates into countless table formats and configurations. Whatever configuration you wish to make, Lacrosse is the solution. PRODUCT LYNX III & LACROSSE II LOCATION THEATER WOLFSBURG - DE Lacrosse is een dynamische klaptafel, ideaal...

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IDEAL FOR ANY ROOM LAYOUT However big or small your room, Lacrosse adapts effortlessly to the needs of the space. And combines easily with a variety of Casala chairs. Smooth mechanics make Lacrosse safe and easy to fold up, and it is available with a choice of frames. The tabletop can also be supplied in a lightweight version and the optional rubber edging provides enhanced damage protection. Hoe groot of klein de ruimte ook is, Lacrosse voegt zich moeiteloos naar de behoefte van het moment. Bovendien is hij makkelijk te combineren met verschillende Casala stoelen. Zijn soepele mechaniek...

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THE INTELLIGENT MEDIA MODULE FRONTPANEL CASALA LACROSSE CASALA LACROSSE LACROSSE III & COBRA STANDARD HEIGHTADJUSTABLE GLIDES Conferences today are multimedia events involving laptops, projectors and audio systems. To meet these demands, Lacrosse can be set out individually or combined into versatile configurations. Complete with power sockets, personal network connectors and integrated projectors. Electronic systems from various suppliers can be integrated into the table. INTELLIGENT AND USER FRIENDLY FOLDING MECHANISM Conferenties zijn tegenwoordig multimediacongressen waar vaak laptops,...

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EASY TRANSPORT & STORAGE Lacrosse can be moved easily because of integrated castors fitted to one side of the table. Lacrosse stacks flat as the legs fold inwards alongside one another. The practical stacking trolley carries 8-10 Lacrosse units enabling one person to set up or clear away a table configuration in no time. CASALA LACROSSE CASALA LACROSSE LACROSSE TRANSPORT DOLLY Lacrosse kan snel en makkelijk worden verplaatst door de vloerlijders g aan één zijde te voorzien van een wieltje. Lacrosse stapelt vlak doordat de poten langs elkaar klappen. De praktische transportwagen biedt plaats...

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12 Tabletop: 22 mm lisocore Finish: 0,9 mm HPL on both sides in standard colours Edge: 2 mm ABS in standard colours or in plywood look Edge C Tabletop: 12/19/25 mm chipboard Finish: 0,9 mm HPL in standard colours Edge: 2 mm ABS in standard colours or in plywood look Tabletop: 19/22 mm chipboard Finish: 0,9 mm HPL on both sides in standard colours Edge: 2 mm ABS with impact buffer, in standard colours or in plywood look Tabletop: 18 mm chipboard Finish: 0,4 mm melamine in standard colours Edge: 2 mm ABS in standard colours or in plywood look *available in leightweight Lisocore CASALA...

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SHAPES & SIZES CASALA LACROSSE Casala Meubelen Nederland bv Rolweg 10 4104 AV Culemborg The Netherlands +31 (0)345 51 73 88 Palau Cruquiusweg 111m 1019 AG Amsterdam The Netherlands +31 (0)20 463 39 80 Casala Objektmöbel GmbH Magirusstraße 16 31867 Lauenau Germany +49 (0)5043 71 0 Casala Ltd 2 Sycamore Street Clerkenwell, EC1Y 0SF London United Kingdom +44 (0)20 3958 0058 © Casala Meubelen Nederland B.V. All copyrights and intellectual property rights in this publication are the property of Casala. No part of this item may be...

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