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DESIGN LINKED TO FUNCTIONALITY CASALA CALIBER Casala specialises in the production of stylish contract furniture that excels in both design and functionality. "Design linked to Functionality" is deeply rooted within our DNA and plays a major role in the design process. We work together with leading designers in our industry. A hundred years of experience in furniture guarantees that Casala furniture offers a lot of comfort and ease of use in addition to high quality. Jonas Kressel and Ivo Schelle studied Industrial Design in Kiel, Germany. In 1992 they started their own design agency in...

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COMFORTABLE FLEXIBILITY Op zoek naar een comfortabele stoel die veel flexibiliteit biedt? Caliber schikt zich moeiteloos naar verschillende ruimtes en gelegenheden. Hij blinkt uit in gebruikersgemak en is multi-inzetbaar. Met zijn eenvoudig design, vrij van zichtbare lasnaden, geeft hij elke ruimte een toegankelijke, open sfeer. Hij is beschikbaar in vele vormvariaties en kan worden neergezet in elke gewenste opstelling. Caliber combineert zijn multifunctionaliteit met een verrassend gunstige prijsstelling. Auf der Suche nach einem bequemen Stuhl, der viel Flexibilität bietet? Caliber passt...

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CASALA CALIBER Successful event planning relies largely on user-friendly facilities. That’s where Caliber comes in. Caliber can be set up in any configuration in the twinkle of an eye – and cleared away just as easily. Its versatility makes it perfect for spaces with changeable configurations. Caliber’s flexible linking and stacking features allow total freedom to change and adapt. Succesvolle evenementenorganisatie vraagt om een gebruiksvriendelijke inrichting. Caliber is in een mum van tijd in de juiste opstelling gezet en kan met hetzelfde gemak weer worden opgeruimd. Dat maakt hem...

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LINKING & STACKING PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE LINKING ELEMENT Caliber’s integrated synthetic stacking guide allows for maximum stacking protection and stability - even up to 20 chairs high. The stacking guide can be expanded easily by adding the linking element, which enables the easy formation of stable rows. With a centre to centre distance of 50 cm, Caliber optimises spatial usage anywhere. CASALA CALIBER Caliber kan makkelijk gestapeld worden tot 20 stoelen hoog. De geïntegreerde kunststof stapelnok staat garant voor stapelbescherming en een stabiele stapel. Hij is eenvoudig uit te...

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VERSATILITY IN MEETING ROOMS Caliber allows you to seamlessly adapt any meeting room or hall to your specific requirements. Its ergonomic beech shell provides excellent sitting comfort and is available in a wide variety of finishes and fabric types. As such, Caliber can be integrated easily into any conceivable meeting room. Caliber can even be supplied with a stylised arm rests for additional comfort. The many options available mean that Caliber can easily be combined with our extensive range of Casala tables. Mit Caliber stimmen Sie eine Tagungsaufstellung perfekt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ab....

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award winner awardwinner ZIFRA BATTERY-FREE DISPLAY SYSTEM German reddc design Design Award awardwinner "Zifra is a versatile numbering system for all types of chairs. The developed technology ensures the display does not require energy. In addition Zifra is easy in use. In one word; innovative!" Jury panel German Design Award CASALA CALIBER UK Zifra is the world's most innovative display system without batteries, that has extensive display options such as seat numbers, row numbers, letter display, company logos and QR-codes. Depending on your wishes, you can make various display...

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OPTIONS CALIBER chair - chair chair - armchair right or left, foldable and removable permanently mounted foldable 1 Beech 2 Maple 3 Oak 4 Walnut CASALA CALIBER CASALA CALIBER shell natural beech shell natural beech, padded seat & back shell natural beech, padded upholstery shell natural beech, padded seat 7.8 KG fully upholstered centre-to-centre distance Chair-Chair 51 cm Chair-Armchair on request stackable up to 6 chairs stand alone shell natural beech shell natural beech, padded upholstery shell natural beech, padded seat shell natural beech, padded seat & back fully upholstered

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CASALA CALIBER Casala Meubelen Nederland bv Rolweg 10 4104 AV Culemborg The Netherlands +31 (0)345 51 73 88 Palau Cruquiusweg 111m 1019 AG Amsterdam The Netherlands +31 (0)20 463 39 80 Casala Objektmöbel GmbH Magirusstraße 16 31867 Lauenau Germany +49 (0)5043 71 0 Casala Ltd 2 Sycamore Street Clerkenwell, EC1Y 0SF London United Kingdom +44 (0)20 3958 0058 PRODUCT CALIBER & ZIFRA PRODUCTS 1-CLASS, 2-CALIBER, 3-CALIBER, 4-TEMO FLIPTOP, 5-COBRA LOCATION Q42 CONFERENCE CENTER, KRISTIANSAND - NO © Photography Alexander van Berge:...

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