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MADE IN ITALY. MADE TO EXCEL. COLOURED BODY PORCELAIN TILES I GRES PORCELLANATO COLORATO IN MASSA Grès cérame coloré dans la masse I Durchgefärbtes Feinsteinzeug Gres porcelánico coloreado en masa I керамический гранит окрашенный в массе INTENSE EXPRESSION, ELOQUENT ELEGANCE WHITE-BODY WALL TILES I RIVESTIMENTI IN PASTA BIANCA Revêtements en pâte blanche I Weißscherbige Wandfliesen Revestimientos en pasta

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INTENSE EXPRESSION, EXTRAORDINARY REALISM INTENSA ESPRESSIVITÀ, STRAORDINARIO REALISMO Inspired by a sought-after selection of precious marble slabs of European origin, Marvel PRO integrates and broadens the potential of the Marvel collection, creating a complete project of porcelain floors and coordinated wall tiles that faithfully reproduce natural marble and offer a broad range of graphics, sizes and surface finishes. Marvel PRO combines the excellent interpretation of natural marble and the technical features and functional advantages of the best porcelain floors and white-body wall tiles...

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ELOQUENT ELEGANCE ELOQUENTE ELEGANZA Intense veining, natural shades and refined appeal characterize the marble inspired floor tiles of Marvel PRO, solutions featuring tremendous graphic versatility and faithfully reproducing the details of the natural material. Marvel PRO combines the personality and expression of natural marble with the advantages of porcelain tiles, guaranteeing the perfect reproducibility of the surface over time and top-quality technical properties in terms of resistance to wear, staining and detergents. MARVEL PRO Venature intense, gradazioni naturali ed estetica...

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SELEZIONE PREGIATA Inspired by natural marble, Marvel PRO porcelain tiles offer a selection of six natural marbles with a marked and refined character, in line with a contemporary interpretation of natural materials in-keeping with the latest interior and exterior design trends. Il gres porcellanato effetto marmo di Marvel PRO propone un’accurata selezione di sei riferimenti naturali dal carattere forte e raffinato, in linea con una interpretazione contemporanea della materia di ispirazione secondo le ultime tendenze del design per interni ed esterni. ERLESENE AUSWAHL SELECCIÓN VALIOSA...

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BRILLIANT SEDUCTION POLISHED FINISH SIZES 120x240 cm 120x120 cm 75x150 cm 75x75 cm 45x90 cm 60x60 cm 30x60 cm 8 SEDUZIONE BRILLANTE Marvel PRO includes a shiny polished finish, characterised by an extraordinarily brilliant surface that faithfully reproduces the glitter of aged polished marble and the slight irregularities of the natural material, at the same time guaranteeing excellent technical properties in terms of wear resistance and easy maintenance. Marvel PRO include una lucidissima finitura lappata, caratterizzata da una superficie straordinariamente brillante e specchiante, che...

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MATT FINISH SIZES 45x90 cm 60x60 cm 30x60 cm CONTEMPORARY FASCINATION The matt finish is the perfect solution in elegant spaces of contemporary and minimal design, in particular for medium-traffic commercial venues. The satin finish is characterised by a refined polished gres surface, with satin effect and velvety to the touch. FASCINO CONTEMPORANEO La finitura matt è la soluzione ideale in spazi eleganti dal design contemporaneo ed essenziale, particolarmente adatta per applicazioni in ambienti commerciali a medio traffico. La finitura satin è caratterizzata da una raffinata superficie lappata in...

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SEDUCENTI ESTERNI SEDUCING EXTERIORS The textured finish reproduces the traditional three-dimensional milling, bringing the fascination of the natural material to the outdoors and to indoor spaces that require anti-slip features, such as spas and areas subject to humidity. The textured finish contributes to the planning of continuous indoor and outdoor spaces and can also be used on walls with a decorative potential. La finitura strutturata riproduce una tipica lavorazione di fresatura tridimensionale del marmo, portando il fascino della materia di riferimento anche negli esterni e negli...

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IMPECCABLE APPEAL ESTETICA IMPECCABILE The bright white-body wall tiles of Marvel Pro faithfully reproduce the refinement and chromatic depth of natural marble, sought-after details and rich natural veining emphasise contemporary spaces with style. The tremendous appeal of walls combined with the maximum functionality: the glossy and brilliant surface is easy to clean, the colour does not change and is resistant to staining and chemicals. MARVEL PRO I brillanti rivestimenti in pasta bianca Marvel PRO riproducono fedelmente la raffinatezza e la profondità grafica dei marmi d’ispirazione, per...

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TONALITÀ ELEGANTI Inspired by six precious natural marbles, the walls for interiors of Marvel PRO are the perfect solution to create spectacular spaces of tremendous visual impact, in perfect harmony with the coordinated porcelain floor tiles. The intense and refined colours create elegant compositions in single tint or black and white contrast effect for a timeless contemporary taste. ELEGANT SHADES Ispirati a sei pregiati riferimenti naturali, i rivestimenti per interni di Marvel PRO sono la soluzione ideale per ambienti scenografici e dal grande impatto estetico, in perfetta sintonia con il...

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EXTREME BRILLIANCE BRILLANTEZZA ESTREMA Transparent, intense and bright, the Marvel PRO walls feature a rich thickness of glaze that gives brilliance to the surface, making it glossy and reflective, the absolute protagonist of contemporary architecture. Marvel PRO includes a three-dimensional finish in size 40x80 that adds great decorative potential to the marble-effect surfaces. Trasparenti, profondi e luminosi, i rivestimenti Marvel PRO presentano un ricco spessore di smalto che dona vitalità e brillantezza alla superficie, rendendola lucida e riflettente, protagonista assoluta...

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LUXURY HOTEL SUITE SPARKLING SHADES In the colour palette, the intense Noir St. Laurent shade stands out and adorns floors and walls with exclusive luxury. This is due to its deep black background interrupted by white veins. The delicate combination with Cremo Delicato gives life to a warm and elegant chromatic contrast. Important elements for refined, welcoming spaces. Nella palette cromatica spicca la profonda tonalità Noir St. Laurent che veste pavimenti e rivestimenti di un lusso esclusivo grazie al suo denso fondo scuro interrotto da venature bianche. Il raffinato abbinamento con Cremo...

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