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Due to the material's perforated texture and the zipper teeth used, ^[^A\ Juaii dsUiull ^ AijidL a^jUL« J&\ Iaa this product is more resistant to wind damage when compared ^j^11> <JL&\ cAL V i ajSIoSI i\jA\j with alternatives. Due to the zipper teeth used, the fabric will not ^jA1 come out of the product's side guide rails. HEAT AND ENERGY CONTROL / j sj!^sll This product is intended to protect the building from solar radiatioa and to help optimize the indoor climate. The structural sunscreens and blinds will save you from using air-conditioning cooling Systems too much, and therefore, they...

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GENERAL FEATURES / cAi-lj-M \ • Structural Systems include electrostatic powder coated aluminum bars. jAj LJ Accessories, fastening and connection elements, and other components CLslÄ^Iallj dlljljxjLkxSi.y\ £jjjL-ä3J .A.A^JjIÜjoijjfi£S)}\ are made of stainless Steel or corrosion resistant materials. . jkuu aLAjA\ J • High resistant fabric from Ferrari Soltis u-^j^ isjjp c> aA1. jSM • Somfy motors equipped with an exclusive technology q1 Aj1A\. Material Features / • %30 Polyester / j ^ • %30 PVC / j ^ ^ • 40% Ferrari Formulation / gu1j1 J The composite kept under tension throughout the...

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ATTENTION! This data sheet is intended to provide general guidance on energy efficiency, preventing wastage, lowering the cost of energy and its impact on the economy, and environmental protection. This is important in reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. REDUCING HEAT GAIN IN SUMMER Exfernal solar shading Systems are one of the most effective methods for reducing solar heat gain due to solar transmission through Windows, and keeping a house cool in summer. They prevent heat gain better than indoor blinds and curtains. External solar shading Systems reduce heat gain by...

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We consider energy efficiency as a key factorwhen manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

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