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Who we are · Über Uns 06 Advantages · Vorteile 08 Polymer Concrete by ULMA · Polymerbeton by ULMA 09 Linear Drainage · Linienentwässerung 10 Complete Drainage System · Komplettes Entwässerungssystem 12 Hydraulic Calculation · Hydraulische Berechnung 12 Slope Configurations · Gefällearten 13 Kinds of Grating · Rostetypen 14 Types of Loads · Belastungsklassen 15 Locking Systems · Befestigungssysteme 15 Product Range · Sortiment 16 SELF 18 MINI 34 U 46 UK 54 SPORT 62 MULTIV+ 72 S 80 F 88 General Dimensions of Sump Units · Allgemeine Abmessungen der Einlaufkasten 100 General Conditions · Allgemeine...

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ULMA ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS IS A MEMBER OF THE ULMA GROUP, A LEADING INDUSTRY GROUP IN THE BASQUE COUNTRY, AND ALSO PART OF THE INDUSTRIAL DIVISION OF THE MONDRAGON CORPORATION, ONE OF THE LARGEST BUSINESS CORPORATIONS IN SPAIN AND THE LARGEST COOPERATIVE GROUP IN THE WORLD. Currently, it has an important network of subsidiaries extending to countries on all of the continents. It has a staff of more than 4.000 people, achieving revenues of close to 700 million Euros. ULMA Group takes part of the Industrial Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the largest business corporations in Spain...

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Our expertise and experience in prefabricated systems for construction has led us to develop a wide range of products aimed at four market segments: ULMA Architectural Solutions hat sich auf Fertigteile Systeme für die Bauwirtschaft spezialisiert, hat eine breite Produktpalette entwickelt, die in erster Linie an vier Segmente gerichtet ist: EXTERNAL WALL SYSTEM DRAINAGE SYSTEMS FASSADENABSCHLUSS ENTWÄSSERUNG ARCHITECTURAL PRECAST ARCHITEKTONISCHE FERTIGBAUTEILEN DRAINAGE SYSTEMS ENTWÄSSERUNG VENTILATED FACADES HINTERLÜFTETE FASSADEN EXTERNAL WALL SYSTEM FASSADENABSCHLUSS VENTILATED FACADES ARCHITECTURAL...

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RESISTANCE TO COMPRESSION KOMPRESSIONSFESTIGKEIT ADVANTAGES WHICH SET US APART • Personalised service and advice. • Close relationship with the client. Vast geographic coverage via Commercial Delegates and Distributors. • Widest range on the market of channels, gratings and accessories: a complete drainage system. • Product developed and certified in accordance with the EN-1433 Standard. • Constant innovation in product R&D. We provide our clients with a complete Technical Brochure, serving as the ideal back-up for engineers and specifiers as a whole. It contains technical descriptions, drawings...

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POLYMER CONCRETE Polymer concrete is a high-quality material comprising a selected combination of silica and quartz aggregates, bound by stable polyester resins. Worthy of special mention is its exceptional mechanical resistance (up to 4 times more resistant to compression than traditional concrete) allowing the production of light elements with reduced dimensions. OUR EXPERIENCE BACKS US UP Our material is unique: • For our Know How. • With more than 20 years experience, using it and improving it. • For our specific R&D. • For the specific intrinsic attributes of our material. • For our infrastructure,...

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LINEAR DRAINAGE Here at ULMA offer more than channels and gratings. We provide solutions through a complete drainage system which includes: • 1 LM modular channels. • 1/2 LM linear and siphonic sump units Gratings: · Made of various materials: ductile iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, composite, polymer concrete,... · With different designs: slotted, mesh, perforated, single-slot, solid... · Endowed with type of load up to F900 in accordance with Standard EN 1433. • Various accessories such as end caps, locking bars, screws etc. LINIENENTWÄSSERUNG Wir bei ULMA bieten mehr als Rinnen und...

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Málaga Airport. Spain Malaga Flughafen. Spanien Portia Winery. Spain. Architect: Norman Foster Weingut Portia. Spanien. Architekt: Norman Foster Las Arenas Shopping Center. Barcelona Las Arenas Einkaufscentrum. Barcelona L ’Archipel Theatre, Perpignan. Architect: Jean Nouvel Theater von L ’Archipel, Perpignan. Architekt: Jean Nouvel

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COMPLETE DRAINAGE SYSTEM KOMPLETTES ENTWÄSSERUNGSSYSTEM Locking system Befestigungssystem Gratings Roste Male-Female connection Nut-Feder Verbindung Bucket Schlammeimer Channels Rinnen Sump Units Einlaufkasten Lateral outlets Seitliche Ausläufe HYDRAULIC CALCULATION HYDRAULISCHE BERECHNUNG The ULMA Architectural Solutions Hydraulic Calculation Program Das hydraulische Berechnungsprogramm von ULMA Architectural Solutions 12 To ensure that the drainage systems proposed are the most suitable ones, ULMA Architectural Solutions puts at your disposal a computer program which affords the possibility...

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PROGRAM FEATURES: • Carries out the calculation by means of a branched network of segments and nodes. The program works in 3D and provides a faithful depiction of the different slope situations. • The calculation includes Rainwater and Black Water. • Rainwater intakes are taken into account assuming a catchment area and a run-off coefficient associated with each segment, along with a definition of an initial concentration time and the rainfall intensity pointsduration. • Occasional intakes of water can also be foreseen at the nodes created. • The calculation allows the intensity/duration/frequency...

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SLOTTED. Nodular Ductile cast iron STEGROST. Gusseisen SOLID.Nodular Ductile cast iron ABDECKPLATTE. Gusseisen MESH. Galvanized steel/ Stainless steel MASCHENROST. Verzinkter Stahl / Edelstahl PERFORATED. Galvanized steel/ Stainless steel LOCHROST. Verzinkter Stahl / Edelstahl SINGLE SLOT. Galvanized steel/ Stainless steel SCHLITZRAHMEN. Verzinkter Stahl / Edelstahl Einfach ULMA offers a complete line of gratings in various materials and designs: SLOTTED. Galvanized steel / Stainless steel STEGROST. Verzinkter Stahl / Edelstahl Nodular Ductile Cast Iron Slotted (Heelproof Slotted) Galvanized steel...

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